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3 Tips To Get Traction For Your Small Business On Social Media

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Is your small business struggling to get attention on social media? Social media can be tricky and challenging, especially starting from scratch. You have to compete for attention with thousands of other people and businesses. How do you attract new followers and get them to stop scrolling so they pay attention to your posts? The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your social media results. One way is to hire a social media management company to manage your platforms and optimize your pages. However, there are other steps you can take yourself. Below are three tips to help you start getting traction on social media. 

Be consistent and patient.

Success on social media takes time. Yes, there are rare instances where someone goes viral overnight. However, for most businesses, success on social media requires slow and steady improvement. Simply posting regularly can be a huge step toward finding long-term success. Create a social media schedule to make sure you're hitting each platform regularly. On Facebook and Instagram, you'll want to post at least daily; for Twitter, you can post multiple times a day. Video platforms like TikTok may be more difficult to post on daily, but posting regularly helps. By creating a schedule and planning in advance, you'll find it much easier to create regular content.

Be visual.

Social media is a visual technology. Users stop scrolling when something catches their eye, so use appealing pictures and videos to highlight your business and your products. If you own a restaurant, you may post pictures of food or guests enjoying their meals. If you have a store, pictures of new products could be good. Also, pictures and videos of staff can make your business more welcoming. If you provide a service, you may want to post before-and-after pictures. Be creative and think about what best highlights your business, then use that as the focal point of your images.

Be unique.

Finally, personality is critical on social media. Try to find a tone that is unique to you and is fitting with your business. For some businesses, that could be a fun and quirky tone. Others could take a more sarcastic approach, but in some industries, humor isn't appropriate. Depending on your business, it may be better to take a serious and informative tone. Again, this is entirely based on your specific business and the services you provide. Think about your business and your interactions with customers. Are they usually fun and quirky or are they more serious? Develop a tone based on those interactions to use on social media.

Ready to improve your results on social media? A social media management company can help you develop eye-catching posts, consistently post on social media, and gain new followers. Connect today and start the conversation.