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Getting The Most Out Of Storybrand Website Examples

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The StoryBrand framework for creating awesome websites has helped many companies gain clients, but for companies new to this framework, figuring out how to use it needs more than just employees reading the book that started it all. It really helps to see the framework in action, in sample websites that show how the framework was adapted to each business. You can see lists of samples on many advertising-agency websites. As you look at these samples, pay close attention to them to get the most out of how they made the framework succeed.

How Do They Turn the Client Into the Hero?

Part of the StoryBrand framework is about turning the client into a hero, such as a hero in mythology. The client isn't a lost soul that needs the advertising agency to rescue them, the client is a hero on a quest (for customers), and the agency is the guide who shepherds them through their evolution (through advertising). How is the company positioned as the guide? How do they (through advertising) set up the client as someone with an important task to complete?

How Do They Supplement the StoryBrand Framework?

The StoryBrand framework has been a miracle for many companies, but it's not the only framework that many need to use, and it may not work for all companies in one form or another. Identify the seven points of the framework in the sample website and then see if you can spot tactics that are not part of the framework. How do these additional tactics supplement the StoryBrand process?

How Does the Site Show the Company Can Solve the Client's Problem?

Is it clear how a client could solve their problem by using the company's services? If there is any confusion on the website about how this might be done, look at where the messaging went off the rails. Is there a supplementary tactic that could make it better? Was the framework misapplied or not applied at all?

It can take some time to learn the StoryBrand framework, or at least learn how it applies to your company and service specifically. Start looking at sample websites now and playing around with how you might fit your company's services into this framework. Then, engage the services of an advertising agency that uses the StoryBrand framework, such as BrandNerd, to create a website that helps customers find you – and find success in completing their "hero" task.