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4 Ways To Use Parodies For Digital Marketing

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When you market your business, you cannot use copyrighted characters and properties without proper licensing, but you can parody ideas and designs in a way to promote your digital marketing. As you brainstorm new marketing strategies, work with a digital marketing company to create parody campaigns that will stand out.

Use four different ways to create fun parodies that mix recognition with your company branding and popular culture to spread across digital platforms.

1. Movie Posters

Many movie posters are even more iconic than the movies. You can use company employees or mascots to recreate famous movie poster designs. For example, The Shining poster features the iconic image of Jack Nicholson's character sticking his head through a broken door.  You can recreate the same scene to showcase a fun Halloween marketing theme.

The digital movie posters are easy to share on social media websites. When you use popular movies, you can increase the chances that the picture gets shared by users and spread around the internet. 

2. Cartoon Parodies

Turn your employees into iconic cartoon character styles. For example, you could turn yourself into a Simpson's styled character with yellow skin. You could turn a business mascot into a character in the design of Looney Tunes or South Park. The character design will create an eye-catching look. From there, you can use your branding or logos to get ad messages across.

You could use the theme to showcase a series of the ads. For example, each week you can introduce a new cartoon parody and have a whole monthly collection.

3. Classic Ad Campaigns

Over the years, there have been numerous iconic ad campaigns both on television and online. You can create a throwback ad based on the designs. The ads will be recognizable and then you can throw a modern twist into the mix. For example, you can take a classic phone ad and add a smartphone into the design to promote a new app launch or online ordering.

If your business is involved in the food industry, then you can take advantage of classic food ads like "Where's the Beef?" Put a new spin on the ad to focus on your main foods. For example, if you own a seafood business, then you could create a "Where's the Shrimp?" ad. The digital campaign can include pictures, short animations, or videos.

4. Song Parodies

Digital marketing allows you to take advantage of audio. One of the easiest ways to do this is with song parodies. Turn a popular song into a commercial for your business. You can mix the song with a video or deliver the song through audio-based text messages and emails.

Work with a digital marketing agency to help create memorable parodies and allow your business to stand out.