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The ABCs Of A New Online Business

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Starting an online business seems easy when most resources are at your fingertips. Unfortunately, many aspiring businesses fall flat because they lack basic skills and the patience needed to become successful. Whether you are a new online business selling products or you want to become a professional blogger, there are a few basic principles that can help you get off the ground.


If you are concerned about funneling traffic to your website, it is unlikely you have reached a point where your business is generating significant revenue. Therefore, it is not a wise investment to pay large sums of money for advertising. A common method of paid advertising is purchasing ad space on major search engines or social media platforms. For personal blogs or small business websites, it is difficult to justify these costs. If you are willing to sacrifice some money to generate traffic, you are better off reaching out to relevant bloggers or vloggers to help with advertising. You will want to avoid approaching another content creator who is your direct competition, since they will likely decline your request. Ask a content creator if they are willing to post an ad on their blog or on a video for a sum of money.

Paying for advertising may not always be in the form of money. If you do not have the budget to pay another content creator for advertising, determine if you have some skill or talent of value they would be willing to exchange for advertising. It is likely both of you are trying to achieve similar goals, such as online success. Therefore, if you have some skill that is commonly marketed on the internet, such as writing, graphic design, website design, or SEO, your skills may have additional value in a bartering system. For more information on online marketing, contact a company like Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions.


Branding yourself is not only about your website but requires continuity across different platforms, such as social media, products, services, and packaging. You should spend time developing a simple but effective logo and color scheme that will eventually become indicative of your brand. Although having a professionally designed logo is important, it is not always feasible in the beginning, due to lack of funds. If you do not mind developing your own logo, you can use free programs, such as Inkscape, to design vector graphics. Keep the logo simple, because it can easily be redesigned by a professional in the future.

If you are selling a product, you can extend your branding to shipping, even with a tight budget. Since custom boxes may not be within your budget, try adding a special touch to shipping labels. You can typically print your own shipping labels and add your logo in the top-left corner. Another inexpensive touch is to find tissue paper or other packing material that comes in your business colors. Not only is this a way of branding yourself, but customers will appreciate this special touch and they will remember the extra care you took in packaging items.


Content remains critical for an online business because you need to attract people to your website. For written content, between 400 and 1,000 words is usually appropriate, depending on the topic of your blog. A niche geared toward pop culture or celebrity gossip will do better with content on the shorter end versus a niche geared toward DIY projects. Keep your content easy to read by breaking up content into smaller paragraphs and using bullet points. Good content also needs to be relevant by staying on topic and working well within the scope of your niche. You never want your content to appear like spam. Your relevant links should be embedded within anchor text of no more than a few words.

Although written content can be useful when appealing to search engines, you must formulate different types of content to keep your audience engaged. Many people are not fond of constantly reading text and prefer to rely on video and/or audio for their information. If you are choosing a different format to convey information on your website, choose video. You might want to produce short videos that cover the week's trending news or lengthier videos to show your audience how to make DIY projects. Another advantage to video is the audio can be stripped away and re-packaged as a podcast. The podcast format lends itself to motivational content, such as health, discussions, creating a business, or finances.

Focusing on basic principles when developing an online business can help you gain an audience and cement your business as reputable. With effort and patience, you should see steady progress toward success.