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Effective Ways To Market Your Medical Practice

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If you're just starting a new medical practice or moving to a new location, one of the main goals of your business is to let the public know the services you offer. Just like any company, effective marketing is essential at promoting your business and generating a solid customer base. For a medical office, patients are the foundation of your practice. Here are some ways that you can gain the attention of new patients and give them informative health information as well.

Social Media

One of the last places you may think you could promote your practice is through social media. The truth is that it's an excellent tool to provide helpful information to your patients and the general public. Health issues that are important to your community can be discussed. This will help raise awareness of certain diseases and conditions that you may specialize in such as:

  • Diabetes risk factors and symptoms
  • Cancer screenings and prevention discussions
  • Importance of routine physicals and well-checkups
  • Alzheimer's and dementia care

Discussing specific health issues and offering your expertise shows care and concern. The main goal is to turn each post you make on social media into a hash tag or create a link back to your website. This drives more hits to your website where potential patients can set up an appointment.

Website Landing Page

It's very important to have a website landing page that is attractive and informative. Have just enough information on it to inform visitors how to get in touch with you directly. When hiring a web designer to set up your webpage, it's important to have a medical website builder that is easy to maneuver through and change as needed. This allows your staff to make changes and update the website as needed.  Be sure to link your social media accounts to your website to drive visitors in.

Radio And Television Advertising

Local radio and television stations offer a great way for you to market your business. You can create a personalized video or radio piece that targets the key functions of your practice and what your specialty is. Don't forget to mention any special clinics or medical services that you offer exclusively to the public.

Community Health Fairs

Another way to stay in touch with your community and focus on a certain demographic of patients is to attend community health fairs. Many times, free health screenings and health information are available to the public. You can give away shirts, pens or calendars that promote your practice. This also gives you a chance to meet with the public and establish new relationships with potential patients.

Marketing your medical practice is a multi-faceted process. Finding just the right techniques that work for you will help your business grow.