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3 Practical Steps To Brand Your Medical Practice

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No matter what type of medical business you own and operate, keep in mind that you should also be in the business of branding yourself. Medical practice marketing will allow you to get the word out about your business, so that you're able to bring in new patients on a regular basis and increase your clientele. You will also want to market your business so that you're able to get the word out about your areas of focus and any initiatives and promotions that you might have in the works.

For some advice on this process, consider this guide as a resource:

​#1: Develop Your Online Presence

Whether you run a large scale hospital in the middle of Times Square or a tiny one person operation in a remote, rural town, you need to understand that web presence is one of the most important parts of medical marketing. Rather than flipping through the phone book, many people will find you based on search engine queries.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you incorporate search engine optimization with your practice's site and utilize web contractors who can get you ranked highly on search engines. You should also embrace social media, so that you can promote your practice and reach people in the places they socialize online. 

#2: Use Patient Outreach Programs

In order to put a human face to your business, you will need to perform patient outreach. This can be done in a lot of ways, including:

  • Local seminars about important health issues, like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Perform mammograms and prostate exams free of charge as part of a special event
  • Rent booths at medical and health fairs
  • Set up special promotions for specific services for people in the community

Such patient outreach programs give people a chance to meet you and your staff. It may not make them a paying patient that day, but building this good will allows you to convert them into patients for life. 

#3: Build Your Credentials

The more you can say about your business, the more your credentials will speak for themselves. For instance, if you have certain accreditation or offer new programs and screenings or have access to top of the line equipment, people will be drawn to your practice. Offering the best care possible makes it so that you can sell people on your value, which is the number one rule for business marketing. 

These three golden rules will help your medical practice get attention in this day and age, which will bolster your presence and sustain your business for years.